About Us

We started in the CSR space back in 2015, where one of our mentors officially introduced us to what CSR in business looks like.

We automatically became interested in finding ways to create a meaningful impact and that’s where everything really started. We were very excited to see that there is also another way to do business and that you can combine profit and purpose in any work you do.

From this very early idea, we made it our mission to close the gap between business execution and purpose and create everlasting strategies that help build a better future for the upcoming generations.

Our main activities consist of: developing initiatives and solutions to help corporations and brands improve their activities in any way possible.

Some of our core activities consists of: creating in depth CSR and Sustainability strategies and campaigns in order to drive change and create an impact.

We also provide solutions to increase employee and customer engagement.

While we officially launched our business in the mist of a pandemic (2020), we have spent the past 6 years learning as much as we can about: corporate social responsibility, sustainable businesses, engagement strategies and how to create social change and drive a positive impact in the world.

We have both an Educational Business Background as well as the needed Experience to Collaborate and work with Corporations and Brands.

We have a Masters in Business Administration ( MBA) and a solid background in Business, having worked with different companies from different niches including: beauty, skincare, sports and recreational goods, retail & more.

We pride ourselves in being up to date with the latest trends in the industry and by having a strong will to do good while also being strategic about it.

While we are currently based in Romania – Transylvania, we operate Globally. We are always up for a challenge and we love to work with strong – open minded individuals.

“We believe in People, Businesses, Communities and the Power We hold in Creating our Future. The time is Now.”

“In times like these, there’s a new way of Doing Business.”

Knowledge and Experience Timeline

  • 2020: Practicing Sustainability, Responsibility and Ethics (Course)

  • 2020: International Policies and Strategies for Sustainable Development (Course)

  • 2019: Ethics and Academic Integrity (Course)

  • 2016: Environmental Management (Course)

  • 2015: Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility in Business (Course)

  • 2013: Helping Create Social Responsibility and Youth Development though Volunteer Experiences.

  • 2011: Helping develop local communities through: youth education, cultural events and more. (volunteer experience)

  • 2008: Helping people obtain: employment, educational and behavioral health services (volunteer experience)


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Our CSR Initiatives

CSR For Ethical Brands

A program designed to help Ethical Businesses Grow with CSR.

CSR For Start-ups

We offer free CSR collaborations for Start-ups we admire.

Business Imperatives

Learn More About What We Strive For and How We Think.

Our goal is to redefine the way businesses work and close the gap between execution and purpose while providing the most value.