CSR Strategies That Companies Are Doing Right Now. Recent Changes in the CSR Space

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”  In today’s article, we wanted to start with a quote from Jane Goodall that underlines the main topic of the day. In today’s article we are going to share with you some recent changes that we have been seeing happen in the Corporate Social Responsibility Space. 

A lot more companies have started to take initiative and speak up more about causes that align with their mission and goals. Because of this reason, we decided to write an article in which we are going to name some recent changes that we have been seeing in the CSR space and what are companies currently doing to stay on top of their Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.  While we are happy to see that there are more companies speaking up and taking action in making the world better, we consider that marketing causes and initiatives are not enough nor sustainable for the long term. (however, this is a topic for another article).

Here are some recent initiatives that companies, brands and corporations started to implement and lean towards (this year). 

1. Companies Are Reaching Out To Influencers

Recently what we have been seeing is that a lot more companies are reaching out to influencers to market their causes. For example, we have been seeing an increase in companies that are creating paid partnerships with influencers to spread the message about what that company is doing to either reduce their carbon footprint or what donation causes that company is supporting. 

While we can definitely see the trend of reaching out to influencers continue, we want to underline that reaching out to influencers is only a small step in the CSR Strategy and that anticipating what kind of results you might get from this initiative can help you in preparing the next steps. 

One concern we have with reaching out to influencers to either mention a cause you are supporting or an initiative that you are doing is that we encourage this initiative to not be too repetitive. You do not want to reach out to multiple influencers and spread the same message. We also encourage you to consider really well the duration of the influencer collaboration and how often and for how long they will distribute the content. (but once again, this is a topic for another article – let us know if you would be interested in reading an article on what to avoid when working with influencers on your CSR strategy).

2. Companies Are Becoming More Transparent

What else we have been seeing is that a lot more companies started to be more transparent with what they are doing and how it affects everyone involved. For example, supermarkets started to publicly announce (with numbers and statistics) the engagement they created over the years. Such as: how many jobs they created or how many communities they have built and even what they have been doing to reduce waste. 

While we think that companies who are speaking up more about the initiatives they are doing are very good, we also want to mention that we think we have reached a point where the consumer expects companies to be more transparent and open with what they are doing. While this article mentions how companies changed in the CSR space, we have to address and mention that the consumer behavior also changed. It is definitely a circle of progress and growth and for that we are really happy to be here and witness it. 

We are also seeing companies sharing CSR initiatives using different mediums or channels. For example: some companies are creating dedicated videos where they explain what they are doing to help or contribute to a certain cause.

3. Companies Are Learning To Provide Value

Brands and Corporations started to realize that having a great product or a great customer base is not enough if, as a company or brand, they cannot provide as much value to their customers or other parts involved. Because of this reason, we see more and more companies re-thinking their strategies in order to provide more value to their customers.

For example, a Skincare company started to offer Virtual Consultations to help potential customers choose the products that might work best for them or help them learn more about their skin and guide them towards making better choices for their skin type or skin concern.

So now, we can see that in the CSR field, companies are stepping up their game and they are coming with bold, strategic ideas for growth. It is very exciting 

4. How CSR Events, Webinars and Conferences Will Take Place Changes

If the world situation permits we can expect to see more CSR events take place. While, a few years ago companies were creating annual events where they would have fun in an open setting (eg: golf outings), and make raffles, win prizes and offer donations towards the causes of their choice, right now we can expect things to be a little bit different.

Right now, we can see that a lot more donations happen in the online medium, using different platforms and donations happen a few clicks away. 

Because of the pandemic situation, all offline events companies used to do, either got declined or happened in the online medium. While we cannot foresee for how long this might go on, we can expect that for the next few years (at least), CSR events and conferences to happen more online than offline. 

What We Can Expect To See Next In Terms CSR Strategies

What else we can expect in the upcoming period is to definitely see more of this. We can expect to see even more companies reach out to influencers or be more open about the cause they support. 

We can also expect to see more partnerships happen between different brands and companies in order to contribute to changing the world, as a whole. We are very happy and excited to be on the CSR train.

What all this means is that this time is the best time to be courageous, bold and come up with ideas and initiatives that drive change. We surely do not think there is a better time than now. 

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