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It is easy to spot employees that are engaged. They make a difference in the workplace and in their daily lives. They are motivated, ambitious and highly invested in what they do. They are committed to the organization and they dedicate their time and ideas for productivity and growth. Does that sound like your employees?

Worry not if the adjectives described above are a bit far off from what you are seeing. There are ways to promote change and encourage conversation. Employee engagement is a process that involves active participation from all parts involved and if done correctly, it can result in productivity results and an increased satisfaction in the workplace. In today’s article we are going to go over the main aspects when it comes to Employee Engagement. We are going to answer a few questions related to: “What is Employee Engagement?”, “Why is Employee Engagement Important?”, “How can we recognize an Engaged Employee?”, “Are there any ways in which we can measure how engaged are our employees?” and at least but not last, we are going to go over one of the most important strategies when it comes to having an employment engagement strategy in place. 

Before we start, we want to mention straight away that Employee Engagement does not equal Employee Satisfaction. These are two different areas and they need to be tackled separately.

What is Employee Engagement?

By definition, employee engagement represents the extent to which employees are committed and passionate about their jobs. It also represents how much effort they put into their activities, tasks and the overall growth trajectory of the company. If an employee is engaged, they will go far to contribute to the organization in the most meaningful way.

Employee Engagement is not defined by how many activities the employee performs or takes part of or how many ventures he / she can tackle at some given point in time. We have to understand that employee engagement is a workplace approach and it goes beyond what the employer does. It is more about: how they do it, how they approach each task, initiative, project and what they think during the whole process and even this is only a fraction of what Employee Engagement really is. 

Why is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee Engagement is important, not only because it will help your business have a hard working – dedicated team and grow beautifully,  but because it will give you the power to trust the people you work with, more and more. Everyone can benefit from having an engagement team, mainly because everyone wants to be surrounded by ambitious team members and see a company you love to work with, expand and be bigger and better than it was yesterday. It gives everyone a sense of accomplishment and confidence. And now, who does not want to be around that? 

If you are not already convinced why Employee Engagement is important, here are a few benefits.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

  • Increased Employee Productivity (there have been studies and research done that shows that engaged employees are more productive)
  • Increased Employee Retention (we will have a dedicated post about this) 
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction (engaged employees tend to care more about customers and are willing to go more far and beyond to have a happy customer)
  • Motivated and inspired team (engaged employees can create a “positive” competition attitude and inspire and motivate the rest of the team)
  • Committed and Involved mindset to the current and upcoming projects and development of the organization 

How can we recognize an Engaged Employee? 

As mentioned at the very beginning of this article, we think that we can easily spot an engaged employee as they will very much stand out. Without force, without imposing and without implying that they are somewhat different than they regularly are. 

You can recognize an engaged employee by their:

  • work attitude 
  • how they respond to new projects, initiatives, tasks
  • how they communicate with other team members, customers
  • how they talk about what they do

How do you measure how engaged are your employees?

Did you know that there are ways in which we can measure how engaged are your employees? While, on the market, there are multiple survives that your company can do, at CSR Growth, we created our own set of questions and our set of steps so we can really measure what matters, without oversimplifying it, while also respecting the employees time and resources.

Employee Engagement Mistakes

We have seen many companies when trying to engage their employees, that they start to  incorporate events that they think their employees care about.

While, at the core, this is a good initiative and it can potentially be a good starting point. In reality, this is not a long term solution. Before enrolling in an employment engagement strategy, we need to understand what our employees are really thinking, what is important to them, what are their needs, goals, visions?  We have to know the answers to some of the most common questions:

  • what is our current relationship with our employees? 
  • how well do we communicate with our employees? 
  • are we a strong team? what is our team currently lacking? 
  • what do our employees care about?
  • what are our employees passionate about?
  • what do our employees need? right now and in the future?
  • what are our employees goals? 

We also need to understand behaviors, and the core reasoning behind our employee’s actions. Creating an employee engaged program goes beyond creating reports, analysis, gathering data, doing research, creating a personalized based program which enables us to also find solutions in order to help create an even more engaged team. 

As an employer, you have prepared to answer some really hard questions about your business, your team and face up what might come along the way, as you grow and develop into the team and company you want to be. 

Key Employee Engagement Strategies – Employee Engagement Program

At CSR Growth, we are committed to helping organizations and brands have more engaged employees, while thinking both strategically and sustainably for long term. 

With our Engaged Employee program we can put an emphasis on the what why and how in order to help your organization develop in a healthy, sustainable manner. Learn more about our Employee Engagement Program here

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