CSR Growth is Partnering up with Happy Impact Map and Nutrition Up Close

Happy Impact Map is a project that was launched in Transylvania, Romania and it started out of a need to find companies and brands that do a great job at making a difference in the world. Even if Happy Impact Map was launched in Romania, they operate globally. The Happy Impact Team wanted to have a place where everyone could find Sustainable Companies and Ethical Brands without searching a long time for them. Happy Impact Map is a dedicated place where everyone can find interesting companies and brands across the world, with little to no effort.

While they are only at the beginning, they have a clear vision of where they want to be. As stated on their website, their end goal is to build a community where conscious consumers work hand in hand with businesses to drive change and become Happy Impacters. Their statement is also very clear: Happy Impact Map – “Connecting Conscious Customers to Business Professionals”. Very neat!

What does Happy Impact Map do?

They Happy Impact Map Team supports: 

  • Sustainable Companies
  • Sustainable Restaurants
  • Ethical Brands
  • Local Communities & Projects
  • NGO’s that are Supporting Great Causes

Get on the Happy Impact Map – How to Get on the Map

They do this by offering a place on the map for free. If you find you are a Company or a  Brand that is working towards creating an impact in the world, fill out the form, get “On the Map Approved” and let’s see more Happy Mappers.

According to the Happy Impact Map Team, it is very easy to get on the Map. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill out the Request Form
  2. Wait for a Reply from the Happy Impact Map Team
  3. Be on the Map

They also have an interesting terminology that we found very engaging and fun. 

  • “On the Map Approved” – A Company / Brand that has been approved to appear on the Happy Impact Map.
  • “Happy Mapper” –  A Company / Brand that has a presence on the Map.
  • “Happy Impacter” – A community learning and growing together.

Happy Impact Map and their Sustainable Development Goals

Happy Impact Map, with the help of CSR Growth is working towards actively seeking to contribute to causes that matter and make a difference in the world. As stated in the Sustainable Development section on their website, they are taking an active part in bringing awareness to the causes that matter to them. Here are the areas where the Happy Impact Map Team is seeking to actively contribute. Out of all the 17 sustainable development goals, Happy Impact Map has a direct interest in :

Number 2 – Zero Hunger: Currently they are working towards raising awareness through dedicated content on: food, nutrition, waste management and by educating young populations on Health & Nutrition.

Number 3 – Good Health and Well Being: Right now, Happy Impact Map is working towards educating their community on incorporating good, healthy habits that lead to an improvement in health and well-being by creating dedicated events / webinars where everyone interested can join.

However, it is important to mention that even if their active participation is only at the beginning, they are conscious about what they want to implement and change and they are taking small steps daily. Recently, Happy Impact Map, launched a new program “Nutrition Up Close”, made in collaboration with Accredited Nutrition Coaches to offer help in matters of food and nutrition.

Nutrition Up Close – A Program Designed for Everyone 

NUTRITION UP CLOSE is a program designed by Happy Impact Map to help everyone make better food choices, with sustainable, easy to follow plans. The program was designed by Accredited Nutrition Coaches with over 3 years of experience and their goal is to help individuals learn more about food and nutrition. 

The NUTRITION UP CLOSE program offers:

  • Nutrition Consulting – by offering valuable information to help you: eat better, feel better and learn more about the foods you are eating and your habits.
  • Personalized Meal Plans – personalized meal plans for all needs and targets. This includes: weight loss, muscle building or maintaining. No matter your goal, we can help.
  • Nutrition / Health Writer Content Marketing Services – this consists of writing nutrition or health related articles, blog posts, article magazines for both short term and long term projects.

To learn more about the NUTRITION UP CLOSE Program, you can go here.

If you want to reach and contact directly one of the Accredited Nutrition Coaches, you can go here. 

Happy Impact Map is also interested in two other development goals and they are as follows:

Number 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth – Encouraging sustainable development in different areas (work environment, education and tourism)

Number 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production – Partnering with companies that adopt sustainable practices and educate consumers on more sustainable practices.

If you want to learn more about what Happy Impact Map is doing, you can get involved – they also encourage an active participation in the upcoming events they will host as well as feedback. If you have any questions, or if you have anything you want to say, you can also contact them using their Contact Us Form. 

“CSR  For Start-ups Program” – An Opportunity for Small Businesses to Implement CSR Strategies 

At CSR Growth, we love partnering up and supporting early projects and start-ups and we wanted to get involved and offer our expertise to the Happy Impact Map team as well. If you are not familiar with our projects and if you are a start-up or small businesses at the beginning of the road, the CSR Growth team also created the “CSR For Start-ups Program. A program designed to help startups and small, scalable companies make a difference and underline their business goals.

Our mission with this program is to help new companies enter new markets, and make their message heard by implementing CSR initiatives and practices that align with their vision.

If you want to learn more about the program we designed, here you can learn more information. It is a great opportunity for start-ups and small companies to join. 

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