Anticipating Top Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trends for 2022

We already know that Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are trending topics, especially amongst Companies and Brands that understand that their contribution can affect everything: from the way things work, to how they are being processed, to how the end consumers perceive and view everything.

We are happy to see that times are changing and we are even more happy to be part of the active change. Because of this reason, we prepared a requested topic, that we hope will reflect some insights and provide answers from our industry.

This article is meant to offer answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to CSR in 2022. Here are some of the questions: What are the top CSR trends for 2022? Will there be more positive change? Where can we expect to see an increase in demand? What is being valued and what are the current regulations in regards to CSR and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting? Are companies and brands actively getting involved? 

The answers to all of these questions and even more, you will find in this article. Let’s get started with some of the top CSR trends that we anticipate to see this year.

Companies are actively seeking to implement CSR Strategies

Companies are further embracing and actively seeking to implement and develop in depth CSR strategies. This phenomenon is mainly happening because business leaders and business experts see how much of an impact CSR has over a company’s growth process and everyone involved. This is especially powerful, during times like these.

It is important to mention that, even if Corporate Social Responsibility is not something new and has been part of businesses for a long time,  we are excited to see that more and more companies and brands are getting involved and are rethinking their ways and processes. 

For 2021, we are anticipating further growth in this sector and we expect to see more companies not only creating and implementing CSR strategies, but coming up with new initiatives. Initiatives that are well built around core business competencies, strengths and opportunities. 

For 2022, we want to see new initiatives take place that are effective, smart, well designed, which not only contribute to an organization’s growth, but also creates value, while doing so. 

All Parts Involved Support Small Businesses and Local Businesses

If there is something that the 2020-2021 pandemic showed us, is that the popular catch-phrase “act globally. think locally”, has a deep, immerse power. Thinking back on the recent turn of events and trying to squeeze in the opportunities, we can see that there has been a shift towards supporting small businesses and local stores. And this is a great thing to see.

We anticipate that for 2022, we will see more: companies, brands, customers, stakeholders and all parts involved, further support small businesses and local stores that are able to create and meet the needs of customers who are rethinking their purchase actions. 

As part of our CSR initiative, we have created a dedicated program for Small Businesses & Start-ups. Please check out the CSR for Start-ups Program, a program designed by our team to help startups and small companies implement and integrate CSR strategies and campaigns that make a difference.

Brands are re-aligning their Business Models

We are seeing more and more brands coming up with well written and well thought business models. 

We are seeing revolutionary products and revolutionary brands that are creating products that are good for everyone using them. 

We anticipate that brands will get even more conscious and actively involved in creating products that meet all the requirements of a “more conscious consumer” 

And because we SEE you, we have created a dedicated program for sustainable and ethical brands, as part of our CSR initiative. If you want to learn more about this program, please check out the CSR for Sustainable and Ethical Brands program, we have special offers and discounts for brands that are actively creating change.

Re-evaluating and Implementing New Sustainable Development Goals

We hope that by now, you are familiar with the 17 goals of sustainable development goals. (SDGs) that are taking part from “the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, adopted by all United Nations. If you are not familiar with these, please check the following image. 

We anticipate that in 2022, more companies will re-evaluate these goals and see how they can implement, set and create achievable goals in order to help contribute to these matters. 

We are confident that every organization can align and rethink their business model to adapt and align their core missions, beliefs and visions to causes that matter and make a difference.

Actively participating in causes that matter

Since a few years back, we started to see an uptick in: employees, customers and the general population actively participating in causes that matter.  Some of the popular activities that are on the rise include (but don’t limit to) : volunteering, living a more sustainable life, shopping more consciously, looking for better alternatives for the Planet, re-thinking our food choices, embracing a new way of shopping or traveling. 

We expect that this trend will not only continue but it will rise. We expect to see:

  • more consumers getting involved and sharing feedback for the brands they love
  • more consumers getting involved and sharing feedback for the companies they work for
  • more companies offering programs that support and help employees on their journey
  • more companies re-thinking their products and looking to offer more sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly products 
  • companies and brands actively participating and creating change and leading by example

Reporting and Technology will be integrated in each CSR practice

We expect to see more companies releasing CSR reports and embracing technology, which will be integrated in every CSR practice, campaign and strategy.

There is no doubt that sharing information while processing it wisely using technology will lead to new ways of doing business and 2021 feels like it is just the beginning of all these exciting changes that are on the rise.


Here, at CSRgrowth, we are extremely excited to see what comes next, what will 2021 bring, but also how will CSR look in the next 10, 25, 35, years? How will everyone respond to that? Will CSR become a part of the daily operations of a business?

No matter what the future brings, there is no doubt that exciting times are coming. 

What CSR trends do you anticipate in 2022? Are you excited to see what the future holds and how this industry will unfold in the next few years?

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