How To Implement a Business Sustainability Strategy in 2022

If there is something that 2020 taught us, is that we can no longer do things the way we used to. Before 2020, there was no surprise that things were not running as they should, (from many perspectives), however this year confirmed that and alongside the challenging and difficult times that we faced (and are facing), we are in great need of change.

Change does not come easy but it comes with a series of sacrifices that we all should do in order to improve our ways and re-design a world that is growing with us, and not breaking down because of us.

The effects of what we have been doing over the years are seen and have been confirmed by the effects of the pandemic. We are not ready for something that is greater than us and  we are for sure, not ready in difficult times when we are needed. As harsh as that may sound, we have the power to make a change and help create meaningful adjustments that will create and improve the way we run things. 

While good things take time, there are also new views and ways that we can use in order to  reshape and integrate a new way of thinking in the way we run our daily activities and our businesses. In today’s article we are going over the most important ways and reasons on why businesses should start implementing sustainability approaches in the upcoming years and more important, how they should do it. 

As you are already used to, we post regularly on matters of: CSR, business sustainability and stories behind our brand and how we “run things”. In the last article, we wrote about how businesses can adjust their business model in order to highlight their company’s core strengths. You can find the full article here. The reason we mentioned this article is because we are sure that today’s article, alongside the previous written blog post, go hand in hand, as we have been discussing the core weakness that the recent period brought up on our system and business models and how we can adjust to that. Today’s article takes a deeper dive on implementing sustainability approaches within any business model.

We forecast that in the upcoming years, implementing sustainable business approaches will no longer be voluntary, as they will become the norm. We are already seeing this happen, as many countries are working on implementing regulations and pushing towards driving change.

It is important to mention that these changes should be seen and implemented from a strategic standpoint. While this direction is new for many companies and it requires a change in the business model as it requires to implement sustainability practices and align the goals and the objectives of the organization with the general objectives and practices already exciting in the company, it can be done and it can be done successfully. 

How should Businesses Implement Sustainability Practices and Strategies within their organization? 

Here are the steps towards implementing a sustainability approach for the upcoming years

Rethink and Update Your Company’s Business Model and Plan

This is where you start when creating your green strategy and know that this is the first step towards implementing sustainability business practices. 

If you are currently not implementing any sustainability practices, know that by incorporating these new practices, your business model changes almost entirely and you have to be ready for it. 

With this step, you are changing the way your company has been built. It is a big adjustment but with the right mindset and with a dedicated knowledgeable team you can turn your company’s weakness and threats into opportunities and strengths. 

We advise that during this step you are consulting with experts, business strategists and consultants that have experience working with businesses that make sustainability and CSR part of their daily activities.

Revise and rethink your processes

While your business model should cover your processes, we advise that you should spend more time rethinking and redesigning them.

Over the years, we have seen that companies and business owners face the biggest problem here: with their processes. They have a hard time finding ways that make their operations easier without hesitation and frustration.

Your business processes are extremely important as they dictate how your company is: running the operations, how it communicates, how it is being organized and many aspects that are crucial for the success and overall growth of the business. 

Learn to Network, Collaborate and Educate Yourself. 

As we have been seeing, times are changing and right now, with a few clicks we can make connections easily, and with a few more clicks we can find answers to any questions we might have. With changing times, it is equally important to know and be aware of what is happening, what is the direction where we are heading and how we plan to get there.

What we have right now, can be considered a privilege and by creating connections and learning to collaborate and network we can find solutions to situations that we have been postponing and neglecting for far too long.

Education on the topic (or working with leading experts in the field) offers us possibilities that we once considered limitations. Learning about the new standards, guidelines, regulations and terms coming up is equally important in order to be able to implement the necessary change in our businesses. 

Thinking Innovation and Technology 

Implementing sustainability practices does not mean limiting ourselves to previous ways or times where we used less resources.

By being open to implementing innovative and technology based solutions, we help create sustainable practices focused on growing one practice and project at a time.

We need to find more efficient solutions and ways to change what we are doing and be open to embrace innovation and technology in our operations. 

Be equally open to challenges and opportunities

Many companies are hesitant to changing their ways, especially if on their end they see that “things are working” – it goes back to the old saying: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” – The problem with this saying and thinking, is that it limits us from seeing that there is something new and more exciting on the next step.

Changing your business model is without a doubt, challenging but the impact it can have, is equally measurable and can create opportunities towards building a green economy where we all can be part of. It just takes time and dedication.

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