How CSR Growth Started and How Do We Help Businesses Grow?

In our last post, we have covered best practices and tips on working from home. We shared our best tips from experience. We have been working from home for the past four years and we like to think of ourselves as early adopters in how we work. (and what we do as well) 

The main points and aspects that we have covered were about: 

  • Working on Your Overall Well Being
  • Learning to Balance Work-Personal Life
  • Take Breaks

All these main categories have subcategories where we do into detail on each aspect in order to have a better, more efficient, work experience. 

For more information, you can find the full article here, where you will find the above points clearly presented.

In today’s article, we will make our input a little bit more personal. We will share a few stories about our brand, CSR Growth, and how we do things around here. 

The idea for this article was inspired by a question we got in our bi-monthly QA session. We have been asked a very nice question that gave us a chance to highlight what we do best. In this article, we will go over the ways in which we help other businesses grow, how we do this and what our processes are. Additionally, we will cover how CSR Growth started, what is the story and the mission behind the brand and where we think we are heading.

The Story Behind the Brand – How did CSR Growth Start?

CSR Growth started as an idea, back in 2015, when our founder became more interested in the environment, sustainability, our carbon footprint and the overall impact we have on our Planet. 

Since then, a lot of research has begun.

After a lot of reading and research (here at CSR growth, we are avid readers – ask us about our favorite book and we are lost) we could not just accept the data and information that we found, without trying to make a change. 

And we slowly, did, one step at a time. 

With a solid background of working with a lot of businesses from different niches (auto, medical, pharmaceutical, sports, retail, beauty, skin care,) on their business growth strategy, we decided to take our own path and combine what we learned, what we are trying to protect, with what we do and know.

Additionally, we did not only rely on the real life business background but we also took in consideration our education and got our MBA with a major interest in : Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental Management and Micro and Macro Economy.

As mentioned, above, we like to do a lot of research and we are always looking for opportunities to grow. We are constantly looking out for new courses to take, for new books to read and share the knowledge to help everyone around us perform and grow.

In a few months, we will have some new positions open and volunteer opportunities as well. Looking forward to finding our next CSR Growth, superstar. (more information will follow).

How do we help Businesses Grow?

Now that we shared a little background story on how CSR Growth started and what our background is, it is time to actually go more in detail on how we help other businesses grow. 

We will share what are our main services that we offer and what are our processes.

Ideally, our approach is to explain more and go in details over a quick, intro call, but as mentioned above, our Question & Answer session inspired us to share our story in writing as well.

To get started, we offer 6 main services: 

1. CSR Development 

2. Sustainability Consulting 

3. ESG Strategy – here we are taking an active role in addressing the : environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges in order to drive a positive, meaningful impact.

4. Research & Competitors Analysis

5. Audits

6. Coaching 1:1

Depending on the service that we are doing and what the company needs,  we help businesses grow in different ways. 

For instance, if a company wants to develop their CSR strategies and practices, we come up with the initiatives, the implementation plans and other solutions of expanding. 

An in depth CSR development is usually a longer project and many aspects need to be analyzed and taken in consideration.

We have developed a best practice checklist with strong suggestions in order to make sure that the CSR strategy will have a smooth sail. 

If a company is choosing the Business Consulting Service, we are searching for areas of improvement. Here, we are Analyzing Existing Strategies & Practices and identify areas of improvement. With these services, we are consulting on all areas of a business. Some questions we help find solutions for could be similar to this:

  • How can we cut down our expenses? 
  • How can we improve our processes? 
  • How can we increase the retention rate of our employees?
  • How can we find the best people to recrute?
  • How do we grow year on year?
  • How much money should we invest in marketing?
  • How can we improve our website?
  • Our conversion rates are bad, what should we do?

With the 3rd service that we offer, “Research & competitors analysis”  we are doing in depth research of the company’s competitors, using different tools and methods that we have learned and developed. 

We do competitor’s analysis framework and look at the Business as a whole. Here are only a few aspects that we take in consideration when we do a Research & Competitor’s Analysis. 

  • We look at the market position
  • Online Presence
  • How are the products / services that your business offers, accepted by the market (do they have a great price, do their products have a competitive advantage? are they missing out on any opportunities?) 
  • Does your company have a competitive advantage? If it does, are you sending your message clearly and is your message being understood? 
  • We additionally, not only do a “Research & competitors analysis” , but we come up with initiatives and suggestions on what we think needs room for improvement.

Additionally for the Coaching and Social responsibility audits we review the work you have been doing, find opportunities of growth and improve performance.

With your permission, we invite you to schedule a free call here and let us know how we can help your business grow. We know we have a lot of knowledge and insights to share.

We thank you in advance, for taking your time to read this article and as always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions or if you have any recommendations of posts and articles you would like to see from our end.

Stay well & stay safe. 

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