Best Practices and Tips on Working From Home – Sharing Our Experience Gained Over the Past 4 Years

In our last article, we have covered some tips and best practices on how to have a successful Q4. We know from experience that the last months of the year are the most challenging and they require a new way of looking at things.

The main points and aspects that we have covered were about: 

  • Preparing Everything in Advance
  • Improving the Retention Rate of Your Employees – (in depth tips on how to do this)
  • Being mindful of How you Spend your Time
  • Increasing Work Efficiency – (how and what you can do)

For more information, you can find the full article here, where you will find the above points clearly presented.

In Today’s article, we are presenting some tips on how to work more efficiently from home. We have been working from home for the past four years and we have some strong points that we want to share with everyone. 

It is true that working from home can be challenging, but with the right practices it doesn’t have to be. Let’s get it started!

Work on Your Overall Well Being

Before sharing anything else, when working from home it is extremely important to take care of your overall being. 

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our tasks and all the activities that we have to do, that we neglect small, important things that are very valuable when it comes to taking care of ourselves. 

Some things you should remember are:

  • To regularly drink water
  • Not forgetting to eat (yes, it happens!) 
  • Getting up at least every once every hour
  • Re-check with your body and with your position
  • Practice deep breathing techniques
  • Learn to Disconnect 
  • Have a workout routine (even going on daily walks is great) a few times per week
  • Talk to your team and ask for help and guidance when you need it

Even if the above points sound really obvious, if you worked from home before, you know that it is very easy to forget and skip some of the activities presented, especially when you are really focused and you need to get a lot of things done. 

Working on your overall well being, ensures that you are ready and more focused to pay attention to the things that matter. 

Learn to Balance Work-Personal Life

Working remotely can mean working around the clock. Not everyone can stop working when the 8 hour window is done. Most of us, especially if we love our jobs and what we do, we can easily work over 10 hours a day. While this can be exciting, it also comes with different sacrifices. 

The more hours we allocate to our work, the less time we allocate to our personal lives. Work is essential but so is our personal life and there needs to be a balance between what we do at work and what we do for ourselves. It’s easy to go overboard, but we should never underestimate the importance of a well balanced life. 

The easiest way to ensure we have the right balance between what we do at work and what we do in our free time is by following a few steps:

  • Creating a Routine  – it is crucial to create a routine we can follow and divide our time between what we do at work (for how long) and what we do in our free time . Of course there are exceptions here, as there are always new unexpected situations that occur, in the majority of time, there should be a routine we can follow. 
  • Removing distractions  – we noticed that the best way to get through the day, in the most efficient way, is to remove distractions and focus only on one thing at a time. This means that we should not check our phones while we are working (unless it is important), or we should not watch TV or listen to the news. 
  • Focusing on a few things you need to do at a time – while multitasking is exciting, so is focusing on one task at a time and doing it well! 
  • Planning your tasks well – we will be honest with you and we will tell you that planning your tasks well, takes time. You need to be very organized in order to make the most out of your day and make it easy. We encourage you to plan well, not only the tasks you have at work, but the activities that you have after work. 

Take Breaks

Funny how on a “Tips for working from home article”, we are encouraging you to take breaks, however this is important.

We have found that taking breaks when you need it, encourages more productivity later on, during the day. We are not robots and we cannot pay attention around the clock, even if we would love that. When you feel stuck and you feel like you can’t contribute as much as you were previously, learn to accept that. 

Learn to take breaks when you need it, even if it is just a five minute break to get a new glass of water. If you need to get up, do it.  

Create a schedule that is the most suitable for you. For instance, you might work better if you take 5-10 minute breaks every few hours, instead of 1 hour a day at a time.

Learn to work in a way that is the most efficient for you and communicate that with your team, maybe you can help them as well. 


In Conclusion, we know how working from home has both advantages as well as disadvantages, however, we are firm believers that this depends a lot on how you organize, plan and balance your life and all the activities you need to do. 

We also know that during this time, things are even more challenging then before and we are sending our best wishes and best thoughts during these uncertain, unsteady times. No matter if you work remotely or not

Next Article

Stay close as in the next article, we are writing about interesting facts and what you should know about your competition. 

Feel free to comment and let us know what kinds of articles you would like to see, in the comment box below. 

Also, feel free to ask us any questions you might have. We would love to answer them. 

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