The Growth of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Recent Years. How Should Businesses Adjusting their Strategy in 2022

In our last post, we have covered the importance of CSR and the way it impacts any business. 

We have started with the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility and followed with some important aspects by underlining why Corporate Social Responsibility matters now in the way companies run business.

Here are the main highlighted ideas from the previous post: 

  • The Consumers and Employees views are changing.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer optional.
  • The efforts you make (or don’t make) in your CSR strategy says a lot about your company.
  • CSR & CSR reporting might become mandatory in the future
  • CSR is not something you do once.

In today’s article, we will cover The Growth of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Recent Years and we will dive deep into how CSR has changed and evolved in the last period. We will look at aspects involving questions like: “What is changing?”, How rapidly things are evolving?” and “What are the future trends?”.

Corporate Social Responsibility During These Times

Big Companies are Taking the Lead

One of the biggest companies in the world invest their time and efforts in CSR strategies and practices that make a difference. These companies are the leaders when it comes to bringing sustainable change and making a difference. They understand how important it is to dedicate your time to causes that matter.

We will not name the leading companies that have a Corporate Social Responsibility but we are sure that you know them. They are market leaders in: technology, communication,  innovation.

The large companies that use and incorporate CSR practices know that they can bring value to those who need it in times where things are changing rapidly.

This underlines that Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming a high priority and a well structured plan and strategy can have a great impact on the overall business plan of a company.

Corporate Social Responsibility strategies require a well structured plan and practice that, when done right, can have a great impact on the overall business.

CSR also affects many aspects of a company including: how it’s being seen, how trusted the company is or isn’t and how will customers perceive the company in the future.

New Workforce is Being Created

Through Corporate Social Responsibility a new side of Business is expanding. We are seeing a new field of activity being created.  CSR and sustainable development strategies help create new jobs on the market. 

We have seen a big rise in new jobs and work activities. For example: CSR officer, Sustainability Analyst, Sustainability Specialist, Environmental Engineer and many other positions that were not available many years ago.

Jobs and activities that were not a priority years ago are becoming the norm of the future workforce. We see how there are many more job offers and requests to positions that include corporate social responsibility strategies.

All this means is that through Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • The Economy is Growing
  • The Society is Evolving
  • Communities and Employees connect easier to companies that share their values
  • There is a change in mindset to re-evaluate the results business want by making sustainable changes and optimizations

Additionally, we are seeing that the leading Business Schools in the world encourage future students to take CSR courses and engage towards activities that develop a better future.

What this means is that we see more and more courses available online that teach students that want to learn about: CSR, sustainability, ethics practices and business, corporate ethics. 

This change will create the next generations of business leaders that will change the way business will run. The new business leaders will take in consideration different aspects that influence our world. Aspects that were not considered a significant subject, years ago. 

We are happy to see that CSR, Business Sustainability and Business Ethics are gaining  more and more awareness in this subject matter. This awareness is essential towards bringing sustainable change.

Gaining awareness in this subject matter is essential towards sustainable change.

Environmental, Social and Governance Interests are Changing

In 2019, interests in environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors had a significant increase and gain in popularity and it is expected for this trend to be rising in the next years as well.

We see this opportunity, we see this trend and we are ready to act upon it. Are you?

Corporate Social Responsibility Trends – How will CSR look like in the next few years?

Undoubtedly, CSR is growing. Just by looking on Google trends, in the past 12 months, there has been a great increase in searches related to: CSR, Sustainable Businesses and other related terms. 

Here are some percentage insights on the searches that increased in the past 12 months. By research, we’ve found that there is:

  • a 60% increase in searches related to: “CSR reporting”
  • a 60% increase in searches related to:  “Business sustainability”
  • a 80% increase in searches related to : “what does CSR mean”
  • a 130% increase in searches related to: “CSR project”

These numbers are encouraging and they underline the fact that people are becoming more and more aware of the problems that can arise when CSR strategies are missing.

We are confident that in the next few years, CSR will become the norm. There is no doubt that systems will be implemented on a global level for gaining solutions that weren’t available or taken in consideration years ago.


In conclusion, this article underlined some of the aspects that have changed in the recent years regarding Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.  

At CSRgrowth, we are seeing that the system we are taking part of is a system that is at the bottom, a social one. A social system that requires connections in all business contexts and in the global chain.

Because of this, we are confident in the change we can bring when it comes to creating and implementing strategies that bring a positive change in your business, community and workforce.

Do you think Corporate Social Responsibility has grown in the recent years? Do you see CSR being the norm in the future?  Would you consider taking up a job in CSR? Is the company you work for implement CSR or ethical business practices? – Let us know in the comments section, down below.

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Stay close as in the next article we’ll cover common myths about Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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